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WBCHSE HS English suggestion 2023 pdf Download. Are you searching for Best HS English Suggestion 2023? Here is your Best WBCHSE English Suggestion. Important questions of HS 2023 English Exam. Download HS 2023 English Suggestion for free of cost. WBCHSE HS English Writing Skill Suggestion with 85% common in HS 2023 exam. Get HS 2023 English question paper pdf version. Important questions for HS English Exam 2023. HS 2023 English question paper. Check out West Bengal Higher Secondary English Suggestion 2023 with question as per new syllabus.

HS English Suggestion 2021


HS English Suggestion 2023 Details:

Exam name WBCHSE English Exam
Suggestion name HS English Suggestion PDF
Prepared By Expert Teachers
Suggestion Chances 85%



HS English suggestion 2023
Prepared ByExpert Teachers
Suggestion Probablity89%



The Eyes Have It

  1. I thought it shouldn’t be too difficult” – What does ‘it’ refer to ? When did the speaker make this

comment ? Was it not so difficult to the speaker ? Explain the irony in the line given above.

  1. “She was completely blind.” – Explain the irony in the given line.
  2. ‘She would forget our brief encounter Who said this and about whom? What is the ‘brief encounter referred to here? Why did the speaker think so ?
  1. “Then I made a mistake’ What ‘mistake’ did the speaker make ? Why was it a ‘mistake’? What

removed the speaker’s doubts ? What did the speaker do then?


Strong Roots

  1. What had remained the routine for Abdul Kalam’s father even when he was in his late sixties? What does Abdul Kalam say about the emulation of his father?
  2. Describe the locality where APJ Abdul Kalam lived in his childhood ?
  3. “Why don’t you say this to people who come to you for help and advice ?” Who asked this and to whom? What is referred to as ‘this’? Why do people come to the person spoken to reply?
  4. “We lived in our ancestral house” — Give in brief the speaker’s experience about his early childhood in his ancestral house.

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Thank You ma’am

  1. Why did the boy in ‘Thank You Ma’am’ not run away though he found the door open?
  1. What features of the character of Mrs Luella Bates are exposed in the short story “Thank you Ma’am’?
  1. Bring out the conversation between Roger and Mrs Jones before Roger is taken to her house ?
  1. How did Mrs. Jones treat Roger in her house?
  2. Why did the boy try to snatch the pocket book of the lady?
  3. How did Jones stop Roger from snatching?
  4. Sketch the character of Roger.


Three Questions

  1. How did Tsar find out the answers of his Three Question?
  2. What moral lesson is learned in the story Three Question?
  3. How did the enemy of Tsar became the friend of Him?
  4. How did the Tsar Nurse the wounded man?

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‘On Killing a Tree’

  1. How is the life-force of the tree described in the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’ ?
  2. Write a note on the poet’s attitude to trees as revealed in the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’.
  3.  “And the root is to be pulled out” Why is it necessary to pull the root out? What happens to the tree after this process ? Explain the irony stated in the line above.
  4. Describe the growth of a tree as stated in the poem, ‘On killing a Tree’.
  5. “And the strength of the tree exposed” – How is the strength of the tree described in the poem ? Why is it exposed ?

‘Asleep In The Valley’

  1. Justify the title of the poem, ‘Asleep In The Valley’.
  2. Give the substance of the poem, ‘Asleep In The Valley’.
  3. “Ah, Nature keep him warm; he may catch cold” – Who addresses the Nature and why ? What note of irony is reflected here?
  4. How does the picture of soldier describe the tragedy of war?
  5. Write a note on the poet’s attitude to nature as revealed in the poem, ‘Asleep In The Valley’.
  6. What is the central idea of the poem, ‘Asleep In The Valley’ ?


‘Shall i Compare Thee’

  1. “Nor shall death brag thou wand’rest in his shade” – Explain the significance of the line with

reference to the poem, ‘Shall i Compare Thee’ ?

  1. How is summer presented in this poem ?
  2. How does the poet present ‘nature’s changing course ? Does the poet’s young friend stand in stark contrast to it? Explain.
  3. Justify the title of the poem, ‘Shall i Compare Thee’.
  4. How does Shakespeare present the triumph of poetry over mortality in Sonnet 18 ?


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‘The Poetry of Earth’

  1. What pictures of the two seasons does Keats draw in ‘The Poetry of Earth’? How are the two pictures related?
  2. How is the evening in winter ? Who creates silence then ? How is it made warm?
  3. Name the poet who composed ‘The Poetry of Earth’? What is meant by ‘The Poetry of Earth’? How does the poet read ‘The Poetry of Earth’?
  4. What does Keats mean by ‘The Poetry of Earth’? Why does he say this Poetry never ceases ?
  5. What picture of summer is presented in The Poetry of Earth’? How has it been carried on to the picture of winter ?


Drama – The Propose

  1. How Lomov and Natalya quarrelled when Lomov first tried to propose Natalya ?
  2. How Lomov and Natalya quarrelled over the hunting dog?
  3. “She’s like a ‘love-sick cat” Who said this and about whom ? Analyse the character of the person, referred to here, under the light of the comment above. 
  1. “I’m trembling all over, just as if I’d got an examination before me.” Who is the speaker ? When did he say this?/ Briefly narrate the solioquy / monologue.
  2. What does Chubukov at first suspect that Lomov has come for? Is he sincere when he later says “And I’ve always loved you, my angel, as if you were my own son”? Find reasons for your answer from the Play.


Writing Portion



  1. Your school has recently celebrated Tree Plantation Week organizing a number of inter house competitions to highlight the need for ecological balance. As the Secretary of the Nature Club of your school prepare a report in about 150 words, suitable to be published in your school magazine.
  2. Besides water pollution and air pollution, the noise pollution is fast emerging to be the biggest irritant in city life. Write a report on the noise pollution in your city in about 150 words.
  3. Write a report on the annual sports of your school to be published in the school magazine. (Word limit :150 words)
  4. Write a report on the measures taken in your district to look after the health of the people and suggest what further improvements could be made. (Word limit : 150 words)
  5. You witnessed a programme performed by differently abled persons on Zee TV. You were very much impressed by their performance and were emotionally touched. Write a report for your school magazine,highlighting their talent, reaction of judges and their incredible performance.
  6. Recently your school has organised a medical camp for screening student and staff on the occasion of Independence Day celebration. Their parents were also invited for screening. Write a report on the event in about 150 words for your school magazine.
  7. Recently your school organised a Magic Show. Write a report on it for the local periodical magazine. (Word limit : 150 words)


LETTER WRITING (Business / Formal]

  1. Write a letter to SDO of Your area informing him about Corona Virus spread in Your locality.
  2. Write a letter to MK Electronics, Kolkata, requesting to repair or replacement of the MK TV set which you had bought from them only 2 months ago as it has developed certain defects. (word limit – 150 words).
  3. You are Aneek Dey of St. Martin High School. On behalf of the school, you have purchased a cricket set from XYZ Sports Co. Ltd. Some of the equipment are found defective. Write a letter within 150 words to the company asking for replacement or refund.
  4. The sports teacher of ABC High School placed an order on behalf of the school to your company for sports goods. There has been a delay in supply. You, being the Sales Manager, regret and promise immediate delivery through a letter in not more than 150 words.
  5. ABC School has ordered a publishing company for a bulk of books. But the company has failed to supply the books in time. Write a letter of reminder to XYZ Publishing Co., 2, B C Roy Road, Kolkata – 700 009.
  6. Write a letter to the Officer-in-Charge of a local Police Station informing him of the growing burglary and snatching in your locality.
  7. Write a letter to the Post Master complaining about the delay in the delivery of a very urgent letter addressed to you, due to negligence of the postman. (Word limit: 150 words).
  8. Suppose some important documents have been lost on your way to school. Write a General Diary to the nearby Police Station, stating the detail of your loss and making an appeal to recover the same.

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Why You Should Download HS English Suggestion 2023:

HS 2023 English Suggestion is a subjective question assembled in a page named English Suggestion for HS 2023. Suggestions are generally attractive and needed parts for understudies for Student’s next Board Exam. Each Student needs more great recommendations to get a decent number in HS Exam, So we make a move to give them Suggestions. HS English Suggestion is given to download as per WBCHSE Board New Reduced Syllabus. We got significant questions from various sources and shared it on our site. Download the Important question enhanced English Suggestion for HS 2023.

HS English Exam 2023:

WBCHSE Board Organises HS English exam every year throughout West Bengal. HS 2023 exam is the Second biggest exam for the students. HS Exam is the path of Career of Students. Students have fear about HS 2023 English Exam. English is most of the students 2nd Language for Students. Students Fear HS English Subject exam. So, We are publishing HS English Suggestion 2023 to make students free from fear of exam. Our HS 2023 English Suggestion will help students to get best marks in English Exam.

WBCHSE HS 2023 English Exam Date:

WBCHSE will arrange Higher Secondary Exam 2023 in April 2023 all over West Bengal. Students, who are currently studying in Higher Secondary or 12th, will seat for HS 2023 Exam. HS English Exam will start on April 4th, 2023. On this post, we discussed about HS 2023 English Suggestion.


WBCHSE Higher Secondary English Question Pattern and New Reduced Syllabus:

HS 2023 English Exam contains a total mark of 100 including 20 Marks from Project Part and 80 Marks from Theory part. HS English question paper have two parts, Part A (60 Marks), Part B (20 Marks) .Download HS English Suggestion 2023 in Pdf version.

Students should acquire knowledge of HS 2023 English subject Syllabus before taking HS 2023 English Suggestion. The question of the HS 2023 English exam will came from these chapters. Higher Secondary English Subject contains

Prose20 Marks
Poem20 Marks
Drama10 Marks
 Grammar10 Marks
Unseen 10 Marks
Writing Skills10 Marks


HS 2023 English Suggestion pdf Download:

English Suggestion for HS 2023 is given in our page in Reading form, also you can download the pdf version of HS English suggestion 2023 from the below link . Keep in mind Suggestions are not complete study material. Read your text books and reference books well and attend your classes continuously to get Good Marks. After completing full syllabus of English, Start following Our Given English Suggestion for HS 2023. Here is the Given HS English Suggestion with Sure Common :

 Download The Suggestion from the given link below.

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Well known expert teachers helped us to complete this English Suggestion for HS 2023 . By taking English Suggestion, you can easily can have 80% Marks in theory part of English Exam in Class 12th 2023. Download the suggestion in pdf version and take a print out if you want to.  If you have any queries, ask us in comments and like our Facebook page  . We wishes you best of Luck for your HS English exam 2023.


Questions Regarding HS English Suggestion  2023

Q. What is HS English Suggestion?

A. HS English Suggestion 2023 is a sum of Important Questions from HS English Book.

Q. Will This Suggestion Help me in Securing 80% marks?

A. Yes, WBCHSE English Suggestion will help students to secure 80% marks.

Q. Does all chapters questions are available in This Suggestion?

A. Yes, Questions from all Chapters are available in this suggestion.

Q. Is this HS English Suggestion 2023 is trustable?

A. West Bengal HS English Suggestion 2023 is Prepared by Expert Teachers who have experience in English Subject . This English Suggestion is choosen from 4 Suggestions submitted by Teachers. You can surely trust on this Suggestion for Final Exam.

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