Tips to Score 90% in Madhyamik 2020 Exam | How to Score 90% In Madhyamik exam.

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Are you going to attend Madhyamik Exams? Though you are afraid of making low marks in Madhyamik exams? Here we share Tips to score good marks in Madhyamik Exam. Best way to score well in madhyamik Exams. We assure you this tips to perform well in Madhyamik. This suggestions will help you to get good marks in Madhyamik Exam. 

 I know its so hard to get good marks in Madhyamik ExamsMadhyamik Exam is coming in 2 months, so here we share some great tips to score higher marks in Madhyamik easily. 

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  • Study In Intervals: Always try to study in intervals, don’t try to continue study for 2 or 3 hours continuously. Study for 30 mins & take rest for five minutes, and then study for 30 mins.This will help your brain to take rest, and fresh your brain easily. 

  • Stop Overnight Study : Stop overnight Study 15 days before exams, although you can study in night now. Overnight study before exams can harm your brain to forget all you have studied in past. 
  • Make a routine : Do a routine right now. Routine will help you to study in concentration. I will give you a routine in Next post to study.

  • Leave your incomplete Chapter : If you have some incomplete chapters, let it have in completed. Don’t try to complete it. If you try to complete that chapter, this will have a huge bad impact on chapters you already completed.
  • Revise more & more : Revise all your text books for 2 or 3 times as much as you can. Revise will help you to memorize all things quickly.

  • Speed up your hand Writing:  Practice more And more to speed up your hand writing. In exams, you will need a good speed of handwriting neither you will not complete your exam sheet.

  • Practice More : Buy some test papers available in markets like ABTA or WBTA test papers, and start practicing now.

  • Practice Math : Practice math for 2 hours everyday, this can help you to gain higher marks in maths exam, Madhyamik. Study MATH SUGGESTION MADHYAMIK 2020.

  • History : Study History suggestion for MP 2020 well, don’t try to read or memorize huge notes, try to memorize in short notes. Also memorize all years and dates of history.

  • Avoid Mobiles: Please avoid mobiles, t.v or any other entertaining things from now.

  • Free yourself: Try to listen songs, or have a short talk with family while studying will make your study easier.

Those are the tips to make higher marks in Madhyamik Exams. Wish you a good luck to score in Madhyamik Exam.

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