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WBCHSE HS physics Suggestion 2023 For English Medium Students: WBCHSE Board Organizes Higher Secondary (Class 12th) exam or HS Exam All over through West Bengal. WBCHSE Board has Both Bengali and English Medium Students. Through this post, Netclass is providing HS 2023 Physics Suggestion for English Medium Students. West Bengal Higher Secondary English Medium Students can Easily Download HS Physics Suggestion 2023 in English Version. English Medium Students will sit in the Class 12th Physics Exam in 2023, so they need to Prepare for Physics Exam with HS Physics Suggestion 2023 PDF in English. Considering that, We provided WBCHSE HS Physics Suggestion 2023 for English Medium Students in Pdf.

HS Physics Suggestion in English


Here is the Class 12 Physics Suggestion 2023

HS Physics Suggestion 2023 (English Version)
For West Bengal English Medium Students
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This HS Physics Suggestion Contains Questions of 3 Marks and 5 Marks. This Suggestion is for West Bengal English medium Students Only.




  • Find out the expression for the magnetic field at a point on the axis of a toroid of N turns having average radius r and carrying a current I. Show that the magnetic field in the open space inside and outside the toroid is zero.


  • Two long parallel straight wires P & Q separated by a distance 5 cm in air carry currents of 4A and 2A respectively in same direction. Find the magnitude of the force acting per cm of the wire P and indicate the direction of the force.


  • State the working principle of A.C. generator. (b) Why is the use of ac voltage preferred over de voltage? (c) The power factor of a LR circuit is the frequency of ac be doubled, what will be the power factor?


  • A parallel plate capacitor is made up of 31 circular metallic plates each of diameter 20 cm. The plates are separated from each other with mica of width 0-3 mm. Determine the capacitance of the capacitor in Funit. (Dielectric constant of mica = 6)


  • How will the stored energy and electric field be changed if the capacitor is filled up fully by a dielectric of dielectric const. k?


  • Show that in an A.C. circuit containing a pure inductor, the voltage is ahead in phase. (b) Mention various energy losses in a transformer.


  • Write Lenz’s law relating to electromagnetic induction. Explain the law (c) Explain the sensitivity of potentiometer.


  • Define electric dipole moment. Derive the expression for the electric field for a dipole at a point on the equatorial plane of the dipole. Or, A spherical conducting shell, of inner radius r, and outer radius ry, has a charge Q. A charge q-is placed at the centre of the shell. What are the surface charge densities on the inner and outer surfaces of the shell? Draw the equipotential surfaces due to an electric dipole.


  • A capacitor is charged with a battery and then disconnected. A dielectric slab is then inserted between its plates. How are its (i) charge (ii) capacitance and (iii) the stored energy affected due to it?


  • Deduce an expression for the frequency of revolution of a charged particle in a magnetic field and show that it is independent of the velocity of the particle.Show that no work is done by the magnetic force on the charged particle. What is Q-factor of A.C. circuit?


  • The distance between two plates of a parallel plate capacitor is 2 cm. A dielectric slab of width 1 cm and dielectric constant k = 5 is inserted between its two plates. Now the plate separation is increased in such a way that the capacitance of the capacitor remains unchanged. Find out the final distance of the plates.


  • State Gauss’s theorem of electrostatics. Find out the field intensity due to a uniformly charged infinite plane sheet at its nearest point by applying Gauss’s theorem.


  • Find out the magnetic field intensity on the axis of a circular current carrying conductor by applying Biot-Savart’s law. What is cyclotron frequency? Derive its expression.


  • Find out the minimum angle of incidence on any of its refracting surface for which emergent ray from other surface just grazes through it.
  • State Ampere’s circuital law. Using it to determine the magnetic field at a nearestpoint to an infinitely long straight conducting wire.


  • Write down the mathematical expression of lorentz force. A charge is movingwith a velocity ✓ = 2 +3j+4k enters into a magnetic field B = 41+6j+8k. Determine the force exerted on the charge.


  • (a)Two lenses, one convex and the other concave are kept in contact. The focallength of convex lens is 30 cm and that of concave lens is 20 cm. What will be the equivalent focal length of the combination? What will be the nature of thecombination? (b) Explain the cause of dispersion of light.


  • (a)State Brewster’s law. (b) An unpolarised light is incident at angle of polarisation on a reflector. Determine the angle between the reflected and the transmitted rays.


  • (a)Why are polaroids used in sunglasses? (b) A person who can see objects clearly at a distance of 10 cm, requires spectacles to be able to see clearly objects at a distance of 30 cm. What type of spectacle should he use? Find the focal length of the lens.


  • Draw the curve showing the variation of de-Broglie wavelength of a particlewith its momentum. Find the momentum of a photon of wavelength 0:01 A. Mention the inference of Davisson-Garmer experiment.
  • (a)Draw the curve showing the variation of de-Broglie wavelength of a particlewith its momentum. Find the momentum of a photon of wavelength 0:01 Å. (b) Mention the inference of Davisson-Garmer experiment.


  • VUsing Bohr’s postulates of atomic model, derive the expression for the radius of the nth orbit. (b) What is ionisation energy of atom? What is the value of it for hydrogen atom?


  • (a)What is meant by activity of a radioactive substance? Write its SI unit. (b) Half-life of a radioactive substance is 30 days. Number of atoms in the substance is 10!2. How many disintegration of atoms per second does occur?


  • (a)Form AND gate using NOR gates. (b) Explain with diagram the action of p-n diode as a full wave rectifier.


  • (a)Draw the output characteristic curves of a n-p-n transistor in a C-E configuration and find the output resistance from it. (b) Explain, with circuit diagram, the action of a transistor as a switch.


  • What is Zener diode? Explain, with circuit diagram, how a Zener diode regulates voltage across a load resistance.


  • (a)What is the importance of coherent sources in case of interference of light? How are coherent sources produced? (b) In Young’s double slit experiment, the fringe width is 2:0 mm. Determine the separation between the 9th bright fringe and the 2nd dark fringe. (c) A plano-concave lens is made of glass of refractive index 1.5 and the radius of curvature of its curved surface is 50 cm. What is the power of the lens?


  • (a)Find the angular width of the central maxima of Fraunhofer diffraction pattern due to single slit. (b) How does the angular width of the central maxima in a single slit Fraunhofer diffraction experiment change when the distance between the slit and screen is doubled? (c) In Fraunhofer diffraction experiment, the first minima of red light (a = 660 nm) is formed on the first maxima of another light of wavelength a’. Find the value of a’.


  • What is the condition for minimum deviation in a prism.


  • By using Huygen’s principle establish the laws of reflection of light.


  • In Young’s double slit experiment, fringe width for the interference of light of wavelength 6000 Å is 0-8 mm. If the wavelength of light 7500 Å is used and the distance between the slits is made doubled then determine the fringe width.


  • If a light of wavelength 4000 Å is incident on a metal, the electrons start emitting. If a wavelength of 3000 Å is incident on the metal, then determine the maximum kinetic energy of the emitted electrons in eV.


  • State de-Broglie’s theory about wave particle duality. From de-Broglie’s theory establish Planck’s law.


  • State the laws of radioactive disintegration. Explain the law using graphical representation. What is half life?


  • Give the definition of resolving power of optical instrument. Resolving power of a microscope for light of wavelength 60008 is 104. Find out the resolving power of the microscope for a light of wavelength 4000 Aº.


  • What is the rest mass of a photon? If E and p are the energy and momentum of a photon respectively then find out the velocity of light.


  • Energy of an excited hydrozen atom is-0-54 eV. Determine the angular momentum of the electron according to Bohr’s hypothesis.


  • State the law of radioactive decay. What is half life of a radioactive element? Establish a relation between half life and disintegration constant.


  • A n-p-n transistor is biased in CE mode. The amplification factor of the transistor is 100. Calculate the change of emitter current when the change of collector current is 1 mA.


  • Mention a difference between n-type and p-type semi conductor. In a transistor circuit why are emitter-base junction always kept in forward bias and collector- base junction kept in reverse bias?



  • Three point charges 200 nC, -300 nC and 600 nC are kept at the vertices of A, B and C respectively in an equilateral triangle ABC with each side 0-1 m. Find the electrostatic energy of the system.
  • (a)A spherical hollow conductor of radius 10 cm is charged with 500 u C. Now another hollow sphere (uncharged) is placed inside of the previous sphere concentrically and connected to the earth. Find the bound charges induced on the surface of the inner sphere. Radius of the inner sphere is 4 cm. (b) On the basis of which principle Van de graff generator acts?


  • Calculate the magnifying power and resolving power of a microscope from the following data : numerical aperture (N. A.)=0-12, wavelength of light a = 600 objective = focal length of the eyepiece = 2-5 cm.


  • (a)Define wavefront. (b) Using Huygen’s principle draw diagram to show the nature of the wavefronts when an incident plane wavefront gets reflected from a concave mirror (ii) refracted from a convex lens. (c) Draw a diagram showing the propagation of a plane wavefront from denser to a rarer medium and verify Snell’s law of refraction.

West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education held HS Exam through all over West Bengal. WBCHSE HS Physics Exam will be held in March 2023, Students are already preparing for Exam. HS Physics Suggestion 2023 in English Version will be very helpful for students who are preparing. Physics is a tough subject for all students. It has Laws, Motions, Maths, etc, which is considered as tough. HS physics Suggestion 2023 will be helpful for Higher Secondary English medium Students. From WBCHSE Physics Suggestion 2023 in English Version will be a guide for the Final Higher Secondary Exam.

HS Physics Suggestion 2023 for English Medium Students Details:

 Name of Exam HS Physics Exam 2023
Organized By WBCHSE board
Date of Exam March 23rd, 2023
 Suggestion Probability 84%

WBCHSE English Medium Class 12th (HS) Physics Syllabus & Question Pattern :

WBCHSE HS English Medium Students Syllabus is almost the same as HS Bengali Medium Students. Higher Secondary English Medium Physics Syllabus is:

Serial NoChaptersTotal Numbers
2Current Electricity08
3Magnetic Effect of Current08
4Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current08
5Electromagnetic Waves03
7Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter04
8Atoms and Nuclei06
9Electronic Devices08
10Communication System03
Total Marks70


HS Physics 2023 Exam Question pattern is: WBCHSE Higher Secondary physics Question paper contains two parts, Part A and Part B. In Part A, there is SA I, SA II, LA questions and in Part B, there is MCQ and VSA Questions.

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HS Physics Exam Date (English Medium): 

WBCHSE Higher Secondary Physics Exam Date is Published .  The Exam date is  March 23rd, 2023.

Download West Bengal HS Physics Suggestion 2023 for English Medium Students:

Students are going to sit for HS 2023 physics Exam, with Help of WBCHSE Higher Secondary Physics Suggestion 2023 Students can score up to 90% marks in the exam. HS Physics Suggestion for English Medium Students is available in the English version. This Suggestion is Available to Download in PDF Format. Download the Suggestion from Below Link :

Download HS Physics Suggestion 2023 PDF ( English Version )

If You are Bengali medium Student, Visit HS Physics Suggestion 2023 Pdf Bengali Version

This is the Full information and Pdf of HS Physics Suggestion 2023 (English Medium). Best of Luck For Your Exam. Do not forget to share your thoughts about HS Physics Suggestion 2023.


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