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West Bengal HS Chemistry Suggestion 2023 For English Medium Students: West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education took HS ( Class 12th ) Exam every year.  Almost 7 Lakh Students appeared in WBCHSE HS Exam each year. Via this post, Netclass is providing HS Chemistry Suggestion 2023 PDF (English Version). WBCHSE board have two language medium, one is Bengali other is English Medium. For Students of HS English medium Students, We published HS Chemistry Suggestion 2023 in English version.

HS Chemistry Suggestion 2021 in ENglish version


Here is the Class 12 Chemistry Suggestion 2023

WBCHSE Chemistry Suggestion 2023 [ English Version ]
HS Chemistry suggestion for English medium Students
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This HS Chemistry Suggestion 2023 PDF is For English Medium Students. If You are Bengali Medium Student, Then Go to www.NetClass.in and Download HS Chemistry Suggestion 2023 in Bengali version.




  • What is the total number of voids in cubic close packed lattice?
  • Metallic gold (Au) crystallises in face-centred cubic lattice. What is the number of unit cells is 2.0 g of gold? [Au = 197]
  • What is a p-type semiconductor?
  • A cubic crystal is made up of elements A and B. B is located at the corners of the unit cell and A is at the body centre. What will be the probable formula of the compound?
  • The concentration of a solution is 0-4 M. What does it mean?
  • How many gram of glucose when dissolved in 2 litre of water will be isotonic with blood at 37°C? [ T blood = 7:65 atm, Molar mass of glucose = 180 g mol! R = 0·082 L atm K-mol-‘]
  • The standard electrode potential of Cu2+ / Cu half cell is +0-34 V. What does it mean?
  • The standard electrode potential of Cu2+ / Cu half cell is +0.34 V. What does it mean?
  • In a conductivity cell, the distance between the two Pt electrodes is 2.0 cm and each electrode has cross-sectional area of 4-0 cm². When the cell is filled with a 0-4 molar solution of an electrolyte, the resistance of the cell is 25 ohm. Calculate the molar conductivity (Am) of the solution.
  • Write balanced chemical equations for the preparation of pure alumina from bauxite by Bayer process.
  • Write with balanced chemical equations how zinc blende is converted to zinc oxide.
  • What is the general electronic configuration of d-block elements? (ii) Why is TiCl2, paramagnetic but TiO2, is diamagnetic? (Atomic number of Ti is 22)
  • What is meant by instantaneous reaction rate? (ii) What is meant by activation energy of a reaction?
  • Show that the time required for 99% completion of a first order reaction is twice the time required for 90% completion of that reaction.
  • Establish the integrated rate equation for a first order reaction. (ii) The half- life of a zero order reaction is x second. If the reaction takes t, second to complete, calculate t, in terms of x.
  • Why helium does not form any compound? (ii) Give one example of mixed oxide. Why is it called mixed oxide? (iii) Draw the structure of H2 So3,
  • What is Vant Hoff factor? (ii) What will be the freezing point of a solution made dissolving 10-5 gm of MgBr2, is 200 gm of water? (Mol. wt of Mg Br2, – 184 gm mol-‘ and K, for water is 1.86 K Kg mole-!)
  • State the Kohlrausch law for independent migration of ions. (ii) The standard reduction potential of Copper and Zinc electrodes are 0-350 Vand-0-763 V respectively. Calculate the EMF of the following cell Zn/Zn2+(1M)||Cu2+(1M)|Cm
  • Write with balanced equation the self reduction reactions of extraction of Copper from Copper-matte. (ii) Why this process is called self reduction?
  • What are the differences between calcination and roasting? (ii) Why Blast furnace is used for extraction of Iron but out used for extraction of Zinc?
  • Write with chemical equation what happens when a mixture of KCl and K2Cr2O7 is heated with Conc. H2S04. (ii) What is the reason of lanthanide-contraction?
  • What is produced when ethyl bromide reacts with ethanolic KOH? (i) Which type of mechanism is involved in the reaction? (iii) Write the mechanism of the above reaction.
  • What is zeroth order reaction? Derive the integrated rate equation of this reaction. (ii) The rate of a reaction becomes double when the temperature is raised to 37°C from 27°C. Calculate the value of activation energy of the reaction.
  • To complete 40% of a first order reaction, 10 minutes is required. Calculate the half life of the reaction. (ii) Write differences between order and molecularity of a reaction. (iii) Give an example of a pseudo first order reaction.
  • What are the hydrasides and oxy-acids produced when PCI5 reacts with water vapour? Write the equation of the reaction. (ii) Explain—Na2 HPO3 is a normal salt. (iii) Write with equation what happens when electric spark is discharged in a mixture of Xe a F2 gas.
  • A mixed oxide forms cubic close packed structure. The cubic unit cell of the mixed oxide is composed of oxide ions.1/4 of fraction of tetrahedral voids in the unit cell are occupied by bivalent A and the octahedral voids are occupied by monovalent B in the unit cell. Determine the formula of that oxide.
  • What do you mean by doping in case of a semiconductor? (ii) Length of the side of body centrad cubic unit cell of iron is 286-65 pm. Density of iron is 7-874 gcm-3 Determine the Avogardro Number. [Fe = 55.85]
  • The boiling point of a solution of 3-24 g sulphur in 40 g benzene rises by 0-81 k than that of pure benzene. Determine the molecular formula of sulphur. (K) 2:53 K kg mol-! atomic mass of sulphur = 32)
  • State Rault’s law regarding lowering of vapour pressure.
  • Write down two difference between ideal and non ideal solution.
  • Define CMC or critical micellasation concentration.
  • What is Catalyst? Give an example of the negative catalyst with a reaction.
  • Write down the reaction if NH3OH excess is added to CuSo4soln.
  • How many mole of AgCl will precipitate when AgNO3 is added to CoCl3.6 NH3 salt solution.
  • Define ligand. Give an example of bidentate ligand.
  • What is the monomer unit of natural rubber? Name the reagent necessary to prepare Nylon – 6.6.
  • What is the No. of Bravo’s lattice? Crystal of Pb is F.C-C. Calculate the radius of Pb-atom (edge length of unit cell is 3-24 A)
  • Explain why Agl shows frenkel defects? Determine the void space in B.C.C (Body centre Cube) crystal.


  • Which ore is concentrated by oil floation process? Explain why-controlled air is passed for the C-reduction of zinc blend.
  • What is the role of cryolite and fluorspar for extraction of Al from pure Alumina by electrolysis process. Write down the name of one slag.

WBCHSE Higher Secondary English Medium Students can Easily Download HS Chemistry Suggestion 2023 in English Version. English Medium Students will sit in Class 12th Chemistry Exam in 2023, so they need to Prepare for Chemistry Exam with HS Chemistry Suggestion 2023 PDF. Considering that, We provided WBCHSE HS Chemistry Suggestion 2023 for English Medium Students in Pdf.

WBCHSE Conduct Class 12th exam all over West Bengal. WBCHSE HS Chemistry Exam will be held in March 2023. HS Chemistry Suggestion 2023 will be Very helpful for Students who are preparing. Chemistry is not an easy memorizable Subject for all students. It has Theories, equations, etc, which is considered as too tough. A HS chemistry Suggestion 2023 will be helpful for Higher Secondary English medium Students. From WBCHSE Chemistry Suggestion 2023 in English Version will be a guide for the Final Higher Secondary Exam.

HS Chemistry Suggestion 2023 (English Version) Details:

 Suggestion NameWBCHSE HS Chemistry Suggestion 2023 [Engish Version]
 Conducting BoardWBCHSE Board
 Exam Date March 25th, 2023
 Suggestion Probability 85%

HS Chemistry (English Medium) Syllabus & Question Pattern :

WBCHSE HS English Medium Students Syllabus is almost the same as HS Bengali Medium Students. Higher Secondary English Medium Chemistry Syllabus is :

Solid State04
Electro Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics10
Surface Chemistry04
General Principle and the Process of Isolation of Elements3
p, d, and f block Elements13
Co-Ordination Compounds, Haloarikenes and Haloarenes, Alcohol, Phenol, Ethers11
Aldehyde, Ketone, Carboxylic Acid, Organic Compounds10
Biomolecules, Polymers10


Start to Practice HS Chemistry MCQ Mock Test 2023

HS Chemistry 2023 Exam Question pattern is: There are Two Parts in HS Chemistry Question, One is Part A other is Part B. Part A has SA I, SA II, LA type f Questions. And In Part B, MCQ and VSA Questions available. 

HS Chemistry 2023 Exam Date (English Medium):

WBCHSE Board has published HS Chemistry Exam Date. WBCHSE Board publishes Exam Date of Chemistry exam is March 25th, 2023.

Download WBCHSE HS Chemistry Suggestion 2023 in English version:

English medium students are going to sit for HS 2023 chemistry Exam, with Help of WBCHSE HS Chemistry Suggestion (English Version) 2023 Students can score up to 90% marks in exam. HS Chemistry Suggestion for English Medium Students is available in the English version. This Suggestion is Available to Download in PDF Format. Download the Suggestion from Below Link :

Download HS Chemistry Suggestion 2023 PDF [English version] for English medium Students

Students, who are reading in Bengali medium, Can Download HS 2023 Chemistry Suggestion in Bengali version 

This is the Full information and Pdf of HS Chemistry Suggestion 2023 (English Medium). Best of Luck For Your Exam. Do not forget to share your thoughts about HS Chemistry Suggestion 2023.

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